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Tracey Harris

Just another mummy, juggling home & school with a passion for feeding my family healthily and sustainably.

18 April 2016

Food Waste

I have two small children who are good at eating, it has to be said. From an early age I've encouraged them to eat what we do, to understand where their food comes from and to not dumb it down. We do treats but try and make them healthy, like these Chocolate Apples. As a result, I'm luck they eat a range of foods. However, they don't always eat the quantity of food I expect them to eat...hence, food waste is my biggest concern. What I put in their lunch box today will be scoffed, whereas I can put the same quantity in a few weeks time and the lunchbox comes back half full. But what can I do with half eaten sandwiches, yoghurt which has been left out of the fridge for over eight hours and sweaty cheese? The food waste bin beckons, and it frustrates me. However, there are things I can do either side of the which can reduce our food waste as a family. So I shall set down a family challenge, and update the Good Food Diaries as I go!

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